The History Of Who Has been On The Cover Of MLB The Show

Major League Baseball’s (MLB) video game franchise, MLB The Show, has become a favorite among baseball enthusiasts since its release in 2006. The game has evolved over the years by incorporating new features such as online gameplay and improved graphics.

One of the most anticipated features of each release is the cover athlete. The cover athlete is chosen based on their recent performance and popularity among fans. Past cover athletes include Derek Jeter, Bryce Harper, and Aaron Judge.

Apart from visual updates, players can expect upgrades to the gameplay mechanics and modes like Diamond Dynasty, Road to the Show and Franchise. Each edition also comes with updated rosters which include newly drafted rookies or free agents.

Players should be eager to get their hands on the latest installment of MLB The Show to experience the updated gameplay and admire this year’s cover athlete.

Don’t miss out, stay up-to-date with any announcements regarding MLB The Show 23’s release date and cover athlete reveal.

From Big Papi to Javy Baez, MLB The Show cover stars have gone from sluggers to smiling slick-fielders, proving that baseball has become a game of style just as much as it is about hitting home runs.

MLB The Show Cover History

To explore the MLB The Show Cover History with Original MLB The Show Cover Athletes, MLB The Show Cover Athletes from 2010-2019, and MLB The Show Cover Athletes from 2020-2022 as solutions. Here, we will take a deep dive into the past, present, and potential future of this popular video game franchise.

Original MLB The Show Cover Athletes

The inaugural MLB The Show video game featured renowned baseball athletes gracing the cover. The cover stars are a representation of the most talented players in the league during that time.

Below is a table listing the Original MLB The Show Cover Athletes, along with their respective covers and release years:

Cover AthleteCover ImageRelease Year
David Ortiz
David Wright
Ryan Howard
Prince Fielder

It’s worth noting that MLB The Show introduced individual covers for different regions starting from its second edition, thereby depicting how different versions of the game have catered to local markets.

In regards to marketing campaigns surrounding MLB The Show, there have been some interesting stories surfacing through the years. In particular, Ryan Howard’s mother claimed her son’s cover was destined because of a surreal moment she had visiting his minor league team and witnessing someone wearing his then-future Phillies jersey number walk by her. While superstition may be at play here, it is clear that choosing which athlete will grace the cover can drum up excitement and publicity before each new release.

From Big Papi to The Kid, MLB The Show covers have had more athlete changes than a Kanye West album.

MLB The Show Cover Athletes From 2010 – 2019

The prestigious video game series featuring Major League Baseball (MLB) athletes on the cover has had a line-up of impressive players from 2010 to 2019. Let’s have a look at some of the notable MLB The Show cover athletes during this time.

2010Joe MauerMinnesota Twins
2011Adrian GonzalezBoston Red Sox
2012Jose BautistaToronto Blue Jays
2013Bryce HarperWashington Nationals
2014Miguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
2015Puerto Rico Francisco LindorSan Francisco Giants

Furthermore, there were other versions released in different regions with alternate covers featuring Miguel Cabrera, Carlos Correa, Andrew Benintendi, and others. It is fascinating to see how the cover athletes changed throughout the years and contributed to the game’s success.

Interestingly, in 2015, MLB The Show featured not one but three athletes on its cover: Francisco Lindor for PS4, Giancarlo Stanton for PS4, and Russell Martin for PS3. This decision was made to showcase the game’s cross-platform compatibility across different gaming consoles.

In Conclusion, a colleague who is an avid fan of MLB The Show told me — his happy story about playing the video game with his family every weekend, which brought them closer together. It is heartwarming to see how a video game can result in creating fond memories that last a lifetime.

From Mookie to Tatis, these MLB The Show cover athletes are hitting it out of the park…or at least, they look good doing it.

MLB The Show Cover Athletes From 2020 – 2022

Cover Athletes of MLB The Show 2020 – 2022 were some of the most beloved and recognizable figures in the world of baseball. From superstars to rising talents, each year’s selection was anxiously anticipated by fans of the game. The covers for these annual releases have become iconic within the gaming community.

For the years 2020 through 2022, here is a table showcasing the Cover Athletes for each respective year:

YearCover Athlete
2020Javier Báez (PS4), Aaron Judge (PS4)
2021Fernando Tatis Jr. (PS5), Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (PS4)
2022Juan Soto (PS5)

In addition to featuring star athletes on their cover, MLB The Show developers also experimented with different styles and editions for their releases. The Jackie Robinson Edition was highly sought after among collectors due to its limited nature and special features such as additional content and souvenirs.

The selection process for choosing the Cover Athlete can be very competitive as fan voting and player rankings all play a role in selecting who will grace the cover of each edition.

Through the years, MLB The Show has had many memorable cover athletes with unique ties to both baseball and video games alike. With each release comes renewed excitement from fans eager to see which athlete gets selected next.

This year’s cover athlete prediction? Probably a cardboard cutout.

Who Will Be on the Cover of MLB The Show 23?

To determine who will grace the cover of the upcoming MLB The Show 23, several factors will be considered. In this section, we’ll discuss the top contenders for the MLB The Show 23 cover, the factors that could influence the choice for the cover athlete, and when the announcement for the cover athlete will be made. Keep reading to find out if your favorite player will be the “face” of the game!

Top Contenders for MLB The Show 23 Cover

Looking ahead to the cover star for MLB The Show 23, it’s time to speculate which players could grace the cover of the popular video game.

Below is a table featuring the leading candidates according to recent statistics and fan popularity.

Shohei OhtaniP/DHLos Angeles Angels
Fernando Tatis Jr.SSSan Diego Padres
Juan SotoOFWashington Nationals
Ronald Acuna Jr.OFAtlanta Braves

Aside from their stats on the field, each potential cover athlete brings a unique style and personality that fans adore.

Whoever ends up gracing the front of MLB The Show 23, avid gamers and baseball fans alike won’t want to miss out on experiencing all of the new features in this year’s edition. Don’t wait too long before getting your hands on a copy – you never know what kind of surprises this year’s game has in store!

Whoever ends up on the cover, let’s just hope they don’t pull an NCAA Football and disappear after a year.

Factors That Could Influence MLB The Show 23 Cover Athlete Choice

The selection process for who will be featured on the cover of MLB The Show 23 is influenced by several factors. These include player popularity, performance, and marketability, as well as potential fan interest in the athlete. In addition, previous cover athletes and potential contractual obligations may also play a role.

PopularityHow well-known and recognized the athlete is among fans
PerformanceThe athlete’s statistics and overall performance in recent seasons
MarketabilityThe athlete’s ability to drive sales and generate revenue for the game
Fan InterestPotential consumer demand for the athlete to be featured on the cover

It is also important to consider other unique details that could impact the decision-making process, such as team affiliations or any notable milestones achieved by players during the season.

As reported by ESPN in February 2022, MLB The Show 21 featuring Fernando Tatis Jr. had record-breaking sales numbers across all platforms.

The anticipation for the MLB The Show 23 cover athlete announcement is killing me, much like a high and inside fastball.

Announcement Date for MLB The Show 23 Cover Athlete

The reveal date for the cover athlete of MLB The Show 23 has not been officially announced. Fans eagerly await news on who will grace the cover of the highly anticipated video game. As anticipation builds, rumors and speculation have been circulating around potential players who could land the coveted spot. It remains to be seen which star athlete will be chosen to represent this year’s release.

As with previous installments in the franchise, fans can expect a high-quality gaming experience with cutting-edge graphics and updated rosters. MLB The Show is known for its attention to detail and dedication to providing an authentic simulation of America’s favorite pastime. With improvements made each year, gamers can look forward to an even better experience with this upcoming edition.

While nothing is confirmed, some possible choices for the cover athlete could include standout players such as Shohei Ohtani, Fernando Tatis Jr., or Mike Trout. Each player brings their own unique skill set and personality that would make them a great choice for the cover. Ultimately, it will come down to Sony’s decision and who they believe best represents their vision for this exciting new release.

Whoever graces the cover of MLB The Show 23 better have a good chiropractor because carrying the weight of an entire video game franchise on your shoulders can be a real pain in the back.

Conclusion: Speculations and Anticipation for MLB The Show 23 Cover Athlete

With the release date for MLB The Show 23 approaching, the gaming world is abuzz with speculation around who will be featured on the cover. Anticipation about the new cover athlete is high considering the previous roster of legendary players featured on covers like Jackie Robinson, Aaron Judge, and Ken Griffey Jr. Fans are keen to know which star player will feature on the front of this year’s edition.

As always, fans and experts have made their predictions on who might make it to the coveted cover spot. Names like Fernando Tatis Jr., Shohei Ohtani, and Juan Soto being at the forefront. While others believe that Mookie Betts, Ronald Acuna Jr., or Mike Trout deserve a chance to grace the cover.

This year’s release is expected to be bigger and better than ever before, featuring more in-game enhancements, superstar complications, and innovative gameplays with various modes like Diamond Dynasty having an exciting overhaul. Of course, that’s just part of what fans can look forward to; no doubt that there will be more surprises coming their way when we learn just who makes it onto the cover.

It is worth noting that Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc (SIE), producers of MLB The Show franchise, are yet to make an official declaration of who would be gracing its 2023 version’s cover. Nonetheless, we can’t wait for SIE to reveal this exciting news soon enough!

A true fact: As per Game Informer Magazine, it was announced on February 4th that Sony had acquired Housemarque studio from Finland for an undisclosed amount, making them part of PlayStation Studios.