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The BNU team won the first prize in the "Jessup" International Law Moot Court Competition in Chinese Mainland once again

On May 8, 2021, the results of the 62nd "Jessup" International Law Moot Court Competition and the 19th Chinese Mainland Competition were announced. The team from Beijing Normal University won the first prize of the Chinese Mainland Competition and ranked the 11th in Preliminary Rounds. The final comprehensive ranking in Preliminary Rounds and Advanced Rounds is No.4 in Chinese Mainland and No.78 in the world.


The BNU team was formed in May 2020 and coached by Liao Shiping from the Law School. The team consists of Liu Mingxin, Li Zhoujie, Chang Jingzi, Liu Jianing, Zhang Xiaoyue and Qu Shen. In addition, Zhai Ying, Wang Yichun, Ma Shinan, Hu Lingli, Zhang Zitong and Zhuang Youcheng also participated in this year's preparation work.


Due to the impact of pandemic, the offline court debate of this year's domestic competitions was canceled, and all international competitions were held online. All teams registered for the competitions directly participated in the international competitions. The first round is Preliminary Rounds and the second is Advanced Rounds.

The team has been training new players and conducting a preliminary legal search since May 2020. After the issue was announced in September 2020, the team further arranged and organized the legal search, the group report, discussion and comment, and began to write the briefs and the defense materials, and conduct the rehearsal of the court debate. After nearly a year of careful preparation, the team submitted its petition on January 7, 2021, and played 10 games between March 10 and April 5. The excellent result is the best reward for the hard work of the coach and all the players.


Since its first participation in the Jessup International Moot Court Competition in 2017, the BNU Law School team has won the first prize for 4 times in Chinese mainland, the second prize for 1 time, and participated in international competitions for 3 times, rapidly becoming a strong team in Chinese mainland.

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