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2021 BNU Sports Games were held

On the morning of April 23, 2021, Beijing Normal University 2021 Sports Games kicked off, with the theme of " Physical Education - Health for All, Stiving for the best".


Top Ten Sunshine Sports Stars and Top Ten Model Units for Undergraduate Physical Health were awarded on the opening ceremony, for their active participation and great endeavor in physical exercise.

Then came the showcase for physical education outcomes.

The first show was lion dance performed by students from the College of P.E. and Sports. Lion dance is an excellent folk art in China. The lion props are made of colored cloth strips. Each lion is performed by two people, with one person on the head and the other on the tail. Performers mimic various lion movements to the music of gongs and drums to show the masculinity of the martial arts.

The second show was artistic gymnastics entitled “high mountain and flowing water.” Students from the artistic gymnastics team used hoops to show the flexibility in artistic gymnastics. Then came the mash-up performance of cheerleading, competitive aerobics, skill flipping and throwing action by the aerobics team students. It was highly rhythmic, dynamic and full of confidence.


Bodybuilding aerobics came next. The bodybuilding aerobics combined with a variety of gentle stretches and pats on acupoints. It is easy to learn and suitable for all ages.

The final show was given by a square composed of more than 300 students from the College of P.E. and Sports. They collectively performed gymnastics Dancing Youth which was neat and energetic.


On April 24, the Sports Games drew the curtain. Apart from traditional competitive activities, multiple fun games were also held in this session. Teachers and students showed lasting enthusiasm and the athletics the Olympic spirit.

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